Dada's Step

Beautiful Hand Crafted Dresses

From Dada

"There has always been one constant in my life; my deep love of fashion. I believe that the art of self expression through our actions and what we wear creates the person we are. Loving what you are wearing can change the energy of your entire day."


"Every client is unique.  I am passionate about women finding  their own personal style  so they can go out in the world and be their best self.  I love to combine my experience with service, products and personal development to help you feel inspired and excited to get dressed in the morning."


"Absolutely amazing service. Dada is absolutely lovely and so helpful. She makes nearly all the dresses herself and all great quality. She makes and alters specifically for the person. I have never heard anything bad or any negative reviews. Highly highly highly recommend"

- Lilly Birney