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Master Dressmaker

"My first language is Bosnian. My second is stitching."

Originally from Bosnia, dressmaking and fashion design has taken Dada around the world. Learning to stitch as a young girl in Eastern Europe, Dada’s talent with a needle and thread helped her escape war and settle in Germany before emigrating to Perth in 1997.


During her time in Australia Dada has worked with a number of prominent fashion designers and set up successful dressmaking businesses in Perth and Cairns. Now, Dada operates a bespoke formal dressmaking business from her home in Mooroobool, where she specialises in the highest quality, one-of-a-kind creations.

A Lifetime of Learning

40 years of dressmaking has given Dada an unmatched level of understanding when it comes to creating dresses that complement their wearer and their intended occasion perfectly. 

When you choose Dada to make your dress, you get a full consultation session - a chance for you to have a master dressmaker all to yourself. 

Dada only uses the finest materials and fabric, sourced from all over the world - for dresses like this, it's worth the wait. 

After 40 years and thousands of bespoke, unique dresses, Dada is sure to be the perfect fit for you. 

Image by MontyLov
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