Throughout the times                         my Designs

I have been designing and making womens clothing since age fourteen. Some of my earliest creations were velvet skirt,  waistcoat and French hat, that I hand stitched. 

I continued 'dressmaking' and at 21 year of age, opened my first shop, in my birth city Sarajevo.

I was settled and happy designing and making clothes for women, even making adult's and children's costumes for a local theatre. Everything was fine, till the war started in Bosnia and Hercegovina. I soon was making uniforms for Bosnian soldiers - there was no choice in the matter. After five long and hard years I decided to sell my sewing equipment for no significant velvet, in order to escape, to safety with my family. I decided to join Australia. Without money, it was hard to start independently, so I begun to work for other designers. Slowly, I bought my own machines and not long after opened my own shop in Fremantle. I stayed there for 15 years.

I most certainly know what it is like to start from zero. My shop was broken and it left me devastated for a while. Many of my one-off pieces were taken. The survivor in me had to get back on their feet. I made decision to move to Cairns and start again in this beautiful town. And I think I have done so. Through all of these unfortunate circumstances I did not lose my passion for 'fashion', and the self-belief. I will continue to design and dressmaker till as long as possible.

Love, Dada